Thursday, 7 August 2014

Teething Time..!

The appearance of our children's first teeth is bound to fill us with joy. But the journey there can be a long and tiresome one.  Maybe its because I was young and had a lot to juggle when my older boys were babies that I didn't notice as much and just got on with it. But thinking back teething was a fairly smooth joyful process with them. It didn't keep them awake at night or put them off their food. Ryan got his first tooth at 8months and the rest came within the next three months. Sean got his first tooth at 7months and the process was pretty much the same thankfully. Cillian seems to be suffering with his alot more. He started getting the normal teething signs such as uncontrollable dribbling, continuous chewing on anything he can get his hands on and occasionally refusing to drink his bottle and just choosing to chew on it instead. Then after 3months of this he got his first tooth 3weeks ago aged 6months. Our other two boys bottom teeth both came up within days of each other but three weeks later Cillian still has one lone tooth and his teething symptoms are as bad as ever. Although luckily enough even with the discomfort he still manages to spend his whole day laughing and smiling.

Chewing is an instinctive reaction to teething, because of this giving your child a teething ring is a great idea. Depending on the age of your child some teething rings may be hard for your child to grasp, so start with something chunky and easy to hold onto. If your baby's a bit older other things that are great for chewing on are raw carrot and baby rusks. Always make sure you are supervising your child if they are chewing on food in case of a choking risk.

Sometimes chewing on something just wont be enough for them and you may feel they need some pain relief. There are loads of options for this out there. Some of the ones I find work best for us are Nelsons Teetha, Teething Granuals and also Nelsons Teetha, Teething gel. All you need to no about these products is in the link below. I found these worked for us and took away any mild discomfort that Cillian had. If he was having a bad teething day I found the gel was great to rub on his gums before a bottle and that he would drink the bottle, rather than just chewing it. Of course if your child is in alot of pain and these products are not helping to relieve it you can also give your child a stronger pain relief such as calpol.

I hope these tips help and remember every child is different and always trust your instincts when it comes to your own child. Please feel free to comment below, I'd love to hear about a teething story or tips that you may have.
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Nelsons Teetha, Teething Gel