Wednesday, 6 August 2014

About Us....Update!!

So I thought it was about time we updated this section. Since we first wrote this post before Christmas a lot has changed. The babies are here and they have turned all our worlds upside down for the better..! I thought it would be a huge change in our house as there is a big age gap between Ryan 7 and Sean 6 and the new baby, who we called Cillian. But no as children do, they adapted very fast and after a week or two it was like Cillian had always been here. The boys absolutely adore having a little brother and when their not busy with their own hectic lives there are smothering Cillian with affection. Now that we have three boys of course all we here is "oh when are you trying for the girl" but I think as much fun as it would be to have another girl in the house and push the odds in the female favour a little bit, I think 3 boisterous boys might be enough to keep us occupied for now.. :)

I think the bigger change might be in Katie's house. Where they welcomed their first little bundle of joy in March. But I'll let Katie update you on that one when she find's the time between milking cows and bottle feeds. :)

                            Brotherly love!!