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My Top 3 Child and Pocket Friendly Places To Visit In Tipperary!

With only a few weeks left in the summer holidays and back to school fast approaching you may be looking for something to do with the little ones. I personally love going on day trips and I know the kids love it too. Tipperary is a County full of great facilities and beautiful places to visit. I think if we are honest a lot of us are guilty of not making the most of whats close to us. Some of us might not have even been to a landmark in the town where we live or a beautiful park that's only a ten minute drive away. I've made up a list of a few places that I regularly visit and why I love them. 

Templemore Park
Price: Free
I can not rave enough about this place. Set on approximately 72 acres, this magical park is home to a beautiful lake, historic ruins, a fantastic playground and a woodland filled with fairies. The park woodland which was planted by the Carden family over two centuries ago located in my home town has always been a favourite place of mine to go.
 As a child I used to go there with my parents and spend the day running through the woods trying to find hidden trails and hideaways. As it went from season to season there was so many different things to watch and see, from the leaves falling off the trees, the bed of snow on the ground to the tiny buds appearing on the trees and the little ducklings and cygnets hatching.
Now that I'm a parent myself I definitely try to make as much use of this beautiful park as possible, going on daily walks during the summer and getting out at least twice a week in the winter. The one big change here since I was a child is the recent addition of the magical fairies who have now taken up residence in the park. The fairy trail is such good fun and children absolutely adore running from tree to tree trying to find the next magical door. There are a lot of children leaving letters and gifts for the fairies which I'm sure they are delighted with. So why not pack a picnic and follow the winding paths which lead through the oak and beach filled wood's.
Follow the links below for more info!
Templemore Park website
Fairy Trail Facebook page

Places of interest nearby:  The Devils Bit Mountain Range. 
Price: Free
So as the legend goes the devil took a bite out of the mountain. It is believed he broke his teeth  taking this bite and the Rock of Cashel fell from his mouth to where it now stands. This climb is not for the fainthearted. It is a super fun day out if you enjoy hiking and walking. Those of you with babies, leave the buggies at home you wont get too far with them. Instead opt for a baby carrier. Bring plenty of drinks too, you'll need them.
Click here for Devil's Bit info

Monaincha Abbey, Roscrea
Price: Free
This little treasure is hidden in the idyllic countryside just outside Roscrea. This is somewhere that we frequently visit as it is just a stones throw away from my husbands family home. This Abbey seems to have been completely left behind in this modern world in which we live and how lucky we are that this is the case. The Abbey dates back to 1140. It used to be surrounded by water, so you'll find the Abbey sitting on its own little raised island. In the 10th Century this abbey was described as the 31st wonder of the world and is still believed to be one of the most intact early Christian monastic sites in the world. To get to the abbey it is best to park at the end of the walk way, because if you drive up there is not a lot of room to turn at the end. Also it has a nice wooded walk leading up to the Abbey, which the kids will enjoy. The Abbey is located in a large field which may sometimes have cows in it, so just watch out for them. Children will love learning about the history of the Abbey which is on a sign as you enter the field. They will also love looking at the decorated entrance to the nave and going into the well preserved priest quarters which boasts a barrel vault ceiling.  If you have kids who love to run and jump like mine, they'll probably love climbing up the stairwell to the roof and using it as there own watch out in a game where their protecting the Abbey from enemies. Which in our case is usually "Orcs" because they are Lord of the Rings mad..! If the weather is nice its a lovely place to sit and have a picnic. It also makes for some amazing pictures for anybody that is into photography.

Click here for more info on Monaincha Abbey

Places of interest nearby: Roscrea Castle and Damer House
Price:Adult: €4,Child: €2,Family: €10
Nestled in the heart of Roscrea town, stands this beautiful castle and house. The Castle was built in 1281 and it is unknown exactly when or who built Damer house.They are beautiful pieces of history and well worth a visit. If you go on the first Wednesday of the month entrance is free as its run by the office of public works.
Click here for more information on Roscrea Castle

Parsons Green
Price: Adult:€4, Child:€3.50, Family: €15
This is a family run pet farm, which is set in the scenic valley between the Knockmealdown and the Galtee mountains. We have visited here many times and each time we had more fun than the last. There is a lovely little pet farm here with garden and river walks, farm museum, 18-hole mini golf, and tennis. You can also avail of boat rides and pony and trap rides, which the children absolutely love. There is both an indoor and outdoor play area and a small gift/coffee shop and a take away. I think what makes this pet farm stand out for me is the lovely people and atmosphere here, the owners and staff are so welcoming and friendly and will always try their best to accommodate any request you may have. We usually go for just a day trip but you can stay there as they have mobile homes and camping facilities. My parents brought the kids for a weekend and they found the mobiles clean and warm and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Click here for more info on Parsons Green.

Places of interest nearby: Cahir Castle
Price: Adult:€3, Child:€1, Family: €8
Cahir Castle is one of the largest, best preserved castles in Ireland and is situated on a rocky island in the middle of the River Suir. This is actually on our must see list as we have not yet visited it. I have heard lots of good things about it and am looking forward to bringing the boys soon. This is another OPW building, so again it is free the first Wednesday of every month.
Click here for more info on Cahir Castle.


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