Friday, 15 August 2014

5 Minute Upstyle


We have all had those days when you're in a hurry, have somewhere to go / someone to meet, your hair is a day or two old and you don't have time to wash dry and style. Instead of scraping your hair back into the mummy staple ponytail, why not try this easy upstyle!

This stye is suitable for hair shoulder length or longer. You will need hairspray, a few bobby pins, a comb (with small teeth) and two small elastic's ( loom band elastics are perfect, most mums with 6-9yr old kids have a few floating around the house!). Now we are all set with our tools, here we go!

Step 1.
Roughly take sections of hair around your crown and backcomb them. Then gently comb over the top to smooth it. This will give your hair a bit of body.

Step 2.
Bring all your hair back to the nape of your neck like you would for a low ponytail, then split the secton in two and plait each section. Tie the ends of the plaits with the small elastics and loosen the plaits a little with your fingers.

Step 3.
Take the two plaits, cross them over each other and tuck the tail ends of the plaits underneath the base of the opposite plait. Secure with the bobby pins and set the style with a good spritz of hairspray.

Et voila! A super easy glamorous hairstyle in 5 minutes.
Enjoy the compliments!!!