Saturday, 23 August 2014

My Top 3 Child and Pocket Friendly Places To Visit In Tipperary!

With only a few weeks left in the summer holidays and back to school fast approaching you may be looking for something to do with the little ones. I personally love going on day trips and I know the kids love it too. Tipperary is a County full of great facilities and beautiful places to visit. I think if we are honest a lot of us are guilty of not making the most of whats close to us. Some of us might not have even been to a landmark in the town where we live or a beautiful park that's only a ten minute drive away. I've made up a list of a few places that I regularly visit and why I love them. 

Templemore Park
Price: Free
I can not rave enough about this place. Set on approximately 72 acres, this magical park is home to a beautiful lake, historic ruins, a fantastic playground and a woodland filled with fairies. The park woodland which was planted by the Carden family over two centuries ago located in my home town has always been a favourite place of mine to go.
 As a child I used to go there with my parents and spend the day running through the woods trying to find hidden trails and hideaways. As it went from season to season there was so many different things to watch and see, from the leaves falling off the trees, the bed of snow on the ground to the tiny buds appearing on the trees and the little ducklings and cygnets hatching.
Now that I'm a parent myself I definitely try to make as much use of this beautiful park as possible, going on daily walks during the summer and getting out at least twice a week in the winter. The one big change here since I was a child is the recent addition of the magical fairies who have now taken up residence in the park. The fairy trail is such good fun and children absolutely adore running from tree to tree trying to find the next magical door. There are a lot of children leaving letters and gifts for the fairies which I'm sure they are delighted with. So why not pack a picnic and follow the winding paths which lead through the oak and beach filled wood's.
Follow the links below for more info!
Templemore Park website
Fairy Trail Facebook page

Places of interest nearby:  The Devils Bit Mountain Range. 
Price: Free
So as the legend goes the devil took a bite out of the mountain. It is believed he broke his teeth  taking this bite and the Rock of Cashel fell from his mouth to where it now stands. This climb is not for the fainthearted. It is a super fun day out if you enjoy hiking and walking. Those of you with babies, leave the buggies at home you wont get too far with them. Instead opt for a baby carrier. Bring plenty of drinks too, you'll need them.
Click here for Devil's Bit info

Monaincha Abbey, Roscrea
Price: Free
This little treasure is hidden in the idyllic countryside just outside Roscrea. This is somewhere that we frequently visit as it is just a stones throw away from my husbands family home. This Abbey seems to have been completely left behind in this modern world in which we live and how lucky we are that this is the case. The Abbey dates back to 1140. It used to be surrounded by water, so you'll find the Abbey sitting on its own little raised island. In the 10th Century this abbey was described as the 31st wonder of the world and is still believed to be one of the most intact early Christian monastic sites in the world. To get to the abbey it is best to park at the end of the walk way, because if you drive up there is not a lot of room to turn at the end. Also it has a nice wooded walk leading up to the Abbey, which the kids will enjoy. The Abbey is located in a large field which may sometimes have cows in it, so just watch out for them. Children will love learning about the history of the Abbey which is on a sign as you enter the field. They will also love looking at the decorated entrance to the nave and going into the well preserved priest quarters which boasts a barrel vault ceiling.  If you have kids who love to run and jump like mine, they'll probably love climbing up the stairwell to the roof and using it as there own watch out in a game where their protecting the Abbey from enemies. Which in our case is usually "Orcs" because they are Lord of the Rings mad..! If the weather is nice its a lovely place to sit and have a picnic. It also makes for some amazing pictures for anybody that is into photography.

Click here for more info on Monaincha Abbey

Places of interest nearby: Roscrea Castle and Damer House
Price:Adult: €4,Child: €2,Family: €10
Nestled in the heart of Roscrea town, stands this beautiful castle and house. The Castle was built in 1281 and it is unknown exactly when or who built Damer house.They are beautiful pieces of history and well worth a visit. If you go on the first Wednesday of the month entrance is free as its run by the office of public works.
Click here for more information on Roscrea Castle

Parsons Green
Price: Adult:€4, Child:€3.50, Family: €15
This is a family run pet farm, which is set in the scenic valley between the Knockmealdown and the Galtee mountains. We have visited here many times and each time we had more fun than the last. There is a lovely little pet farm here with garden and river walks, farm museum, 18-hole mini golf, and tennis. You can also avail of boat rides and pony and trap rides, which the children absolutely love. There is both an indoor and outdoor play area and a small gift/coffee shop and a take away. I think what makes this pet farm stand out for me is the lovely people and atmosphere here, the owners and staff are so welcoming and friendly and will always try their best to accommodate any request you may have. We usually go for just a day trip but you can stay there as they have mobile homes and camping facilities. My parents brought the kids for a weekend and they found the mobiles clean and warm and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Click here for more info on Parsons Green.

Places of interest nearby: Cahir Castle
Price: Adult:€3, Child:€1, Family: €8
Cahir Castle is one of the largest, best preserved castles in Ireland and is situated on a rocky island in the middle of the River Suir. This is actually on our must see list as we have not yet visited it. I have heard lots of good things about it and am looking forward to bringing the boys soon. This is another OPW building, so again it is free the first Wednesday of every month.
Click here for more info on Cahir Castle.


Monday, 18 August 2014

Style File

This week for style file, we found you these three beauties:

This chevron print cushion is bang on trend at the moment, it's €4 from Penny's.

Cream Bronzer is a must have for easy Kardashian style contouring. Team it with a light concealer for a natural take on the look. Seventeen make up is available from Boots nationwide.

Want a good pair of jeans? Look no further, we found these super stylish ripped jeans on Asos online. They'll be a part of your wardrobe season after season. The best part is, there on sale at the moment for €27.14 Check them out here --> ASOS Low Rise jeans

Friday, 15 August 2014

5 Minute Upstyle


We have all had those days when you're in a hurry, have somewhere to go / someone to meet, your hair is a day or two old and you don't have time to wash dry and style. Instead of scraping your hair back into the mummy staple ponytail, why not try this easy upstyle!

This stye is suitable for hair shoulder length or longer. You will need hairspray, a few bobby pins, a comb (with small teeth) and two small elastic's ( loom band elastics are perfect, most mums with 6-9yr old kids have a few floating around the house!). Now we are all set with our tools, here we go!

Step 1.
Roughly take sections of hair around your crown and backcomb them. Then gently comb over the top to smooth it. This will give your hair a bit of body.

Step 2.
Bring all your hair back to the nape of your neck like you would for a low ponytail, then split the secton in two and plait each section. Tie the ends of the plaits with the small elastics and loosen the plaits a little with your fingers.

Step 3.
Take the two plaits, cross them over each other and tuck the tail ends of the plaits underneath the base of the opposite plait. Secure with the bobby pins and set the style with a good spritz of hairspray.

Et voila! A super easy glamorous hairstyle in 5 minutes.
Enjoy the compliments!!!


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

About Us..... Update 2

As Sinead mentioned in the earlier post, the babies have indeed arrived! The birth of baby Cillian was a joyous occasion and a moment of clarity for my own impending motherhood, the reality of sitting in the labour ward hit me like a slap in the face.
The following weeks were filled with rigorous stock piling of baby supplies that would put any doomsday prepper to shame, assembling flat pack furniture and general running around like a headless chicken!
The due date finally rolled around, we were on red alert. Going to bed that night, a million different thoughts whirred through my mind as I drifted off to sleep, then...........
Nothing happened that day, or the next day, or the day after that. Eleven days passed by. Then I was brought into hospital to be induced. After all that waiting our little baby arrived very quickly via emergency C-section.
Baby Daniel is now four months old, everyone warned me how quickly these first few months would fly by and they were right. It is an amazing feeling becoming a parent and the completion and wholeness it brings to your inner self.
As parents having to juggle life, work, relationship’s on top of raising a child, though sometimes it is overwhelming, it brings a sense of empowerment and appreciation for all the good in your life.
Now that your all up to date with us, I'm afraid its back to nappy patrol for me!
Duty calls.......


Monday, 11 August 2014

What I Wore!!

I was at a christening this weekend and this is what I wore.

Top: My top was from the Savida range at Dunnes Stores. Even better news is it's on sale at the moment..! I adore the Savida range lately, I think their stuff is after getting super stylish and the fabrics are so expensive and luxurious looking. 

Pants: I'm just wearing a slim fitting black trousers as I was going for a more dressed down look. But this top would also look super chic and dressy with a black pencil skirt. 


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Teething Time..!

The appearance of our children's first teeth is bound to fill us with joy. But the journey there can be a long and tiresome one.  Maybe its because I was young and had a lot to juggle when my older boys were babies that I didn't notice as much and just got on with it. But thinking back teething was a fairly smooth joyful process with them. It didn't keep them awake at night or put them off their food. Ryan got his first tooth at 8months and the rest came within the next three months. Sean got his first tooth at 7months and the process was pretty much the same thankfully. Cillian seems to be suffering with his alot more. He started getting the normal teething signs such as uncontrollable dribbling, continuous chewing on anything he can get his hands on and occasionally refusing to drink his bottle and just choosing to chew on it instead. Then after 3months of this he got his first tooth 3weeks ago aged 6months. Our other two boys bottom teeth both came up within days of each other but three weeks later Cillian still has one lone tooth and his teething symptoms are as bad as ever. Although luckily enough even with the discomfort he still manages to spend his whole day laughing and smiling.

Chewing is an instinctive reaction to teething, because of this giving your child a teething ring is a great idea. Depending on the age of your child some teething rings may be hard for your child to grasp, so start with something chunky and easy to hold onto. If your baby's a bit older other things that are great for chewing on are raw carrot and baby rusks. Always make sure you are supervising your child if they are chewing on food in case of a choking risk.

Sometimes chewing on something just wont be enough for them and you may feel they need some pain relief. There are loads of options for this out there. Some of the ones I find work best for us are Nelsons Teetha, Teething Granuals and also Nelsons Teetha, Teething gel. All you need to no about these products is in the link below. I found these worked for us and took away any mild discomfort that Cillian had. If he was having a bad teething day I found the gel was great to rub on his gums before a bottle and that he would drink the bottle, rather than just chewing it. Of course if your child is in alot of pain and these products are not helping to relieve it you can also give your child a stronger pain relief such as calpol.

I hope these tips help and remember every child is different and always trust your instincts when it comes to your own child. Please feel free to comment below, I'd love to hear about a teething story or tips that you may have.
Nelsons Teetha, Teething Granules

Nelsons Teetha, Teething Gel  


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dressing For Your Shape.

I think one of the most important things when shopping and picking clothes is knowing your body shape. When it comes to looking good its not your size or shape that matters its the fit and style of your clothes and the confidence with which you wear them. Picking clothes shouldn't be about following the latest fashion trends it should be about incorporating these trends into your own style and finding clothes that suit your shape and make you feel confident. I have made a list of the different types of body shapes and some tips for dressing for your shape.

Dress for your shape.

Here are some tips for dressing for your body shape:

Triangle Shaped Body or Pear Shape
Short or tall women with wider thighs and hips and a narrower waist and smaller shoulders can be categorized as pear shaped or triangle shaped.
How to Dress:
- Dress to show off your slim arms and upper half with strapless tops and dresses.
- Strappy tops, lace, embroidery and embellishments on your top are great for drawing attention to your slim shoulders and top half.
- Accentuate your waist by cinching your tops and dresses with a belt.
- A-line skirts flatter a pear-shaped figure best as they skim over the hips and are narrow at the waist.
- Maxi dresses are great as they hide your hips while making your top half look great.
- A pair of killer heels will work wonders as they will elongate your legs and make your lower half appear leaner.

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body
This body type is characterized by a larger upper half with a large bust, large shoulders and a wider waist and slim hips and legs.
How To Dress:
- You are blessed with slender legs so show them off in shorts, skirts and dresses.
- Avoid detailing on the shoulders which can make you look bulky.
- Wrap tops are perfect for women with this body shape as it will accentuate a fuller bust.
- Opt for waistcoats and tailored jackets, which add width at the hips rather than the shoulders.
- Feminine necklines like shirts with ruffled details will work best as they soften a broad top-half.
- Palazzo pants will look great on your figure and exaggerate your hips, and they are totally on trend at the moment.

Rectangle Shaped Body or Athletic Shape
A sporty body that is more straight and less curvy with long arms and legs and shoulders and hips that are approximately of the same width is known as a rectangle or athletic shape.

How To Dress:
- Clothes that are nipped at the waist or belts help create curves. An empire-waist is great for giving the illusion of a fuller bust.
- Fitted or bodycon dresses show off your long legs and slender figure.
- Feminine details and cuts will soften a straight body.
- Strappy tops will add femininity and dimension.

Hour Glass Shaped Body
The body type that women spend their whole life trying to achieve and men spend their whole life trying to chase is the voluptuous hour glass shaped body. It is characterized by a curvy bust and hips and a narrow waist.
How To Dress:
- Choose clothes that define your small waist like wrap tops and belted tops.
- This figure is ideal for a bandage dress.
- Skinny jeans look great on this figure, choose jeans that are cropped at the ankle.
- Wear high-waisted shorts and jeans to display the curve of your hips.
- Tops and jackets detail on the shoulders works well as it will emphasize your shoulders.

Diamond Shaped Body
A body that is wider at the waist and narrower at the hips and shoulders is known as a diamond shaped body.
How To Dress:
- Pleated, A-line and pencil skirts work for this body type. Knee-lengths will give the impression of curvier hips.
- Wear dresses that are loose on the shoulders and bottom but fitted at the waist. Wrap dresses are great for this figure shape.
- Empire cuts will elongate your waist. Choose tops with detailing on the shoulders.
- Some killer heels will elongate and slim your body, especially your torso.

Round Shaped Body or Apple Shaped
A rounded stomach, ample bust, slimmer hips and thin legs are known as a round or apple shaped figure.
How To Dress:
- Use bright colours and bold patterns to distract from problem areas and solid blocks of colour to highlight the best parts.
- A-line skirts and dresses work best to hide your waist and give the impression of curvy hips.
- Use your outfit to draw attention to your assets like that cleavage and great legs while retracting attention from your stomach.
- Straight-cut jeans that start at the waist will help elongate your body and help you seem slimmer.

'Create your own style.Let it be unique to you and yet identifiable to others.'
                                                                                                    Anna Wintour
 I hope these tips help and please comment and let us no what you think.


About Us....Update!!

So I thought it was about time we updated this section. Since we first wrote this post before Christmas a lot has changed. The babies are here and they have turned all our worlds upside down for the better..! I thought it would be a huge change in our house as there is a big age gap between Ryan 7 and Sean 6 and the new baby, who we called Cillian. But no as children do, they adapted very fast and after a week or two it was like Cillian had always been here. The boys absolutely adore having a little brother and when their not busy with their own hectic lives there are smothering Cillian with affection. Now that we have three boys of course all we here is "oh when are you trying for the girl" but I think as much fun as it would be to have another girl in the house and push the odds in the female favour a little bit, I think 3 boisterous boys might be enough to keep us occupied for now.. :)

I think the bigger change might be in Katie's house. Where they welcomed their first little bundle of joy in March. But I'll let Katie update you on that one when she find's the time between milking cows and bottle feeds. :)

                            Brotherly love!!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

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The 'F' Word!!!

Yes I'm going to talk about the 'F' word...FASHION!! Yes I no, but I'm a mum, what would I know about fashion. Once your a mum don't you start wearing baggy pants and over sized jumpers that smell of baby sick? Well that might be the misconception but I would just like to say that I for one still like nice clothes and feeling good about what I wear. Ya ok when your a mother your disposable income is reduced severely and buying clothes and accessories is at the bottom of a very long list of nappies, baby food, kids clothes, school books and summer camps but it doesn't mean you cant treat your self every once in a while.

There are so many affordable shops now such as Pennys, Dunnes, Tesco and H&M but to name a few. All of which stock fashionable affordable clothing.  I think the secret to smart shopping as a mother or anyone for that matter is to first buy staple pieces. A good pair of jeans, a nice blazer a neutral pair of killer heels a little black dress, all theses things will go with so many pieces you all ready have in your wardrobe and you will be able to use them season after season, year after year.
Many people think oh well now that I'm a mum I have to dress a certain way. Yes your a mother but your also an individual person with your own fashion sense and your own style.

I think that if your going out at the weekend whether its to a party, wedding or just a few drinks with friends, you shouldn't be afraid of fashion. Don't be the one sitting in the corner saying 'oh that's lovely, I wish I could wear that' instead be the one that's wearing it. I think when looking at clothes the most important things are to know your body and what suits it and to trust your own instincts and style. Not everybody has the same opinions in life and the same goes for fashion, so just do you and don't worry about other people reactions and opinions.

Realistically during the week both stay at home and working mothers most likely don't have the time to be getting all glammed up before work or the school run. But I think that even taking 5minutes out to put in a bit of extra effort, whether it's slicking on a bit of mascara, popping on a bit of tinted moisturiser or ironing out the creases on that cliche oversized jumper, it will give you more confidence and make you feel better about yourself. It may seem vain to some people but as the old saying goes 'A happy mother means a happy baby' and probably a happy husband too. :)

'Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak'
                                                                                  Rachel Zoe

Monday, 4 August 2014

What I Wore!!

I went to a party last night and this is what I wore!!

Top: Tesco 
This top was a bargain at €13, it was a bright colour, perfect for summer! The top was a light silky material and the strap at the back came in so you would need to wear a flesh coloured strapless bra with this. 

Trousers: Dunnes 
These were treggings, that's a pants like leggings but the material is a lot thicker so you will not have to worry about them being see through. They also skim over the lumps and bumps a lot better than leggings. 

Sinead. x