Monday, 21 July 2014

DIY Photo Booth Props

Whether its a wedding, a big birthday or even just a kids party there is nothing more fun than a photo booth. It can be as big and elaborate or as small and cute as you want.
 I got married last year and while planning our wedding we decided it would be fun and would make for some funny pictures if we had a little photo booth. As it was my first time trying anything like this and I was going to be making all the props myself I decided to go with a small scale operation.
 I liked the idea of having a frame that people could hold up and stand behind for the pictures so I enlisted the help of my husband and father in law for this task.  They just used some beading from the hardware shop and this added a simple design to the frame.
 For the props themselves I looked up free prop printable s online, but instead of printing them out I zoomed in on the pictures till they were the size I wanted and I traced from the computer screen onto white paper. I then cut them out to make templates. I used plain coloured card for the mustaches and lips and I used patterned card for the dicki-bows and hats. When I had all this done I got a pack of skewers from Tesco and cut off the sharp ends to make sticks.  I then simply taped the card cut outs to the sticks and voila I had my props for my photo booth.
 When displaying the props at the wedding I left them in jam jars with some ribbon tied the jar for that chic vintage look. It was something that we enjoyed making and using and I would recommend it as an easy DIY project for everyone.


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