Monday, 21 July 2014

Bumbo Seat Review

So like many parents out there, we hear about the latest fads and gadgets, the Bumbo seat is one of these. It sounds good but does it live up to the hype? The answer is contradictory... Yes and no! I was given this as a present from a friend and was thrilled as I had heard good things about it. It says on the box it's for 3months plus, but this really depends on the strength of your baby's neck muscles, some kids might be able before 3months some maybe a bit later. Cillian was nearly 4months old before I could leave him in it for more than a couple of minutes as he kept slouching to the side. When he was strong enough to sit in it, he absolutely loved it. He was able to sit up and look around and I was able to put toys on the tray for him to pick up and play with. I also found it excellent for sitting him in when I was weaning him as he was still a little but small for the highchair. The seat is lightweight and compact which makes it perfect for traveling and bringing along when going visiting family and friends. Cillian is 6 months old now and we are still using this seat regularly, although the last week or two I have noticed that he is stretching his feet out and arching his back when he wants to get out and I'm afraid that this may lead to him knocking the seat over. I also find as he's a chubby baby his thighs are getting a bit big for the leg slots, although my 6year old can fit in it and seems reasonably comfortable, so this leads me to think that it's the kind of purchase that I may have to stop using for a few months but that I'll be able to go back to when Cillian is about 18months old. At this age he will be able to get himself in and out of it as he chooses. Overall I think it is a good product and a nice gift to get. Although I feel it is slightly overpriced for the limited time you do get the use from it. 

Sinead. x

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