Tuesday, 29 July 2014

BB Cream Review (Garnier, Maybelline, Nivea)

A good BB cream is a must for any busy mum.
Beauty Balm “BB” is your skincare regime in one tube It moisturises, protects, and corrects. No foundation needed. It is a very over crowded market at the moment so a lot of people don't know how to choose the one that's right for them. A lot of BB creams are categorised according to skin types rather than color tones, so you can wear the product according to your skin conditions.

How is it different to a tinted moisturiser? A tinted moisturiser only hydrates and evens out the complexion with minimal coverage, a foundation covers the skin with a layer of color and gives it a flawless finish. BB creams go above and beyond that and moisturise, protect, and corrects flaws.

I have chosen 3 reasonably priced BB creams to review.

Garnier, Miracle skin perfector: €13.99 
This product basically does what it says it does, no more. I used the medium colour and think it has a nice glow, when first applied I thought it had a bit of an orange tone, but once blended it looks fine.  My skin is on the drier side, so this works well with my skin and keeps it hydrated. This can replace my moisturiser, but because I prefer a little more protection I tend to use a product with SPF 30+ underneath as this product only has SPF 15. This offers a very light coverage that is not buildable, and I'm fine with that because I don't think that's it's purpose. I don't think it would work well for people with oily skin as it is a quite oily cream. The coverage does not last all day, but I don't mind that as I'm not  a big make up wearer during the week.

Nivea, 5in1 beautifying moisturiser: €8.49
This was the cheapest of the BB creams I reviewed and defiantly my least favorite. I used the medium/dark shade and found it too dark even tho I have a quite olive complexion and a slight tan as its summer. The product does not glide smoothly at all and is very quick at setting. You have literally 30 seconds to do your entire face before looking like a camouflage suit. The BB cream has a very thick texture similar to that of the original Nivea. I feel maybe this cream might be suited better to an oily skin as I have quite dry skin it felt like my skin was a sponge absorbing the product and my skin looked very uneven and blotchy. It also only has SPF 10 which I don't feel is high enough.

Maybelline, Dream pure BB:€11.99 
This product was by far my favourite. This product has 2% salicylic acid which is great for acne prone skin.  I used the medium and found the colour was perfect.
It provides light/medium coverage which is enough for me and is very lightweight so it feels like I have no foundation on. It does not completely cover blemishes but helps to even out skin tone. It has a natural but matte finish which is gorgeous and makes my skin feel incredibly soft. For sensitive skin it is perfect and despite salicylic acid sounding harsh it is actually incredibly gentle. I did not have any reaction or drying of my skin while using this product. 
I found that this definitely helped with blemishes and even reduced the appearance of my acne scarring.

Sinead. x

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